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Let's talk future!

Visions of a world after the socio-ecological transformation

What do we want? Climate justice!
When do we want it? Now!

That’s the well-know call for action of the Fridays for Future movement. And indeed, we need to take action on the climate crisis. Almost every day we are confronted with new analyses that show us "business as usual" will no longer be possible. We need to change the way we think about the earth and its resources and start acting differently. This includes the economic and financial systems, which have a strong impact on the climate crisis. There are already plenty of alternatives and solutions available which demonstrate the changes that need to be made. However, the most important questions, are:

  • What do we want our future to look like?
  • How do we want to 'live well' in the future?
  • What kind of world do we want to leave for our children and grandchildren?
  • What does a good life for all actually mean?
  • Do we need to be much bolder in designing concrete utopias?

 We want to discuss these questions with our two guests and you, during this expert talk!

The talk will welcome Lino Zeddies, author of the book "Utopia 2048", and Veronika Winter, chairlady of Fridays For Future Austria, to talk visions for a better future. After the experts' inputs of approx. 10 - 15 minutes each we want to discuss the topic with YOU. Let us know your questions! Halliki Kreinin, the moderator, will pass them on to Lino and Veronika.  

Can't wait for the event and already have some questions for our speakers? Type your questions directly at 

After the discussion, at 5:30 pm, there will be an open networking session. You can continue the discussion and connect directly with our experts or fellow participants for quick 1 on 1 meetings. You can also use the networking feature to connect randomly and have a quick chat!

Please register HERE.

The Expert Talk is hosted by the Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems Summer University (AEMS) and the Academy for the Common Good.  


Veronika Winter - student & activist

Since early 2019, Veronika is part of the local Fridays For Future movement for global climate justice and helped organizing most of the mass demonstrations taking place in 2019. She is especially interested in climate change communication, education and the role of the media, working out strategies to reach social tipping dynamics for a climate-just transition. Currently, she is writing her master thesis at the University of Vienna (Austrian Educational Competence Centre for Biology) to finish her studies (Teacher training, subjects: German Language, Biology and Environmental Education). 

Lino Zeddies - utopian, economist & author

Lino Zeddies is utopian author, consultant for purposeful organizations and expert for integral social transformation. After studying economics, he became involved in the Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik e.V., Monetative e.V. and in the International Movement for Monetary Reform for reforming the economic, monetary and financial system. In further stages of his life as an organizational consultant, coach and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, he was engaged with progressive forms of collaboration and decision-making in organizations and with inner transformation. Over the years he got to know numerous small and large solutions for a better world which he put together in the book "Utopia 2048" about a beautiful future, which he published in April 2020. In late 2020 he cofounded “Reinventing Society – Center for Real Utopias” to develop and spread inspiring utopias and support the path of transformation for individuals, organizations and society.


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