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ONLINE: Ethical banking: What does that really mean and why is it positively contagious?

Shifting our interest from sustainable banking to ethical banking: Why is it worth?

Opting for ethical banking introduces for all of us a unique opportunity, as financial citizens, to be the revolution we want to see in the (financial) world. While mentioning the various virtuous activities undertaken by different ethical banks based all over the world, Clara Barbiani, legal innovator and expert in international financial law and regulation, will provide her perspective on the topic by

  • explaining the work of financial institutions embracing the choice of “banking on values” as their core mission and exploring the key features of ethical banking;
  • giving some practical indications on how it is possible for everyone to assess (1) whether a bank acts in a socially responsible manner and (2) whether a bank is an ethical bank;
  • providing some practical examples to explain why it makes a difference for individuals to entrust their money to an ethical bank.

The conference will include some interactive parts through pool voting and case-solving exercises.

The event will be held in English. Participation is free of charge.

Here is the link to join the conference:

Meeting-ID: 826 7354 6553
Kenncode: 974034


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