Drei Mal Kermit, der Frosch

Bild: CC0 Creative Commons

ONLINE: From sustainable finance to ethical finance: a journey, a mission, or a choice?

Why does ethical finance make a difference? What´s the difference to traditional banking? And how does it work in practice?

The conference will first consider the international dimension of sustainable finance, briefly retracing some key achievements under UNEP FI auspices, since its initiation of activities in 1992. In the second part of the conference, ethical finance gets introduced, as the speaker will explain the work of financial institutions embracing the choice of banking on values as core mission, providing some practical examples and exploring key features of ethical banking. In the third part, the conference will aim to discuss how ethical banking can represent a choice at personal level, explaining how individual decisions can help shaping the bigger picture. The conference will include some interactive parts through pool voting and case-solving exercises.

The event will be held in English. Participation is free of charge.


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